Forensic Engineering

Since the firm’s beginning and due to the diverse technical background of our staff in the fields of architectural engineering, structural engineering, site design, and construction services; our clients routinely request assistance in resolving complex matters that involve forensic engineering evaluations. To us, forensic engineering has included detailed engineering evaluations and analysis efforts to deduce how or why systems are not performing as they should, are already failing or failed – or to determine whether the reason is inherent in the design or is attributable to the nature of the installation. Most importantly, after a forensic analysis / study is complete, we focus on developing strategies for how to remedy the situation in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Building Façade Studies & Design
  • Roofing Systems Evaluations & Design
  • Structural Settlement & Failures
  • Building Collapse Evaluations
  • Retaining Wall Failures
  • Insurance Investigations & Claims
  • Masonry Cracking and Envelope Failure
  • Foundation Settlement Issues
  • Building Movement & Floor Vibration
  • Stormwater Management / Flooding
  • Expert Testimony
  • Emergency Response

Forensic Engineering was provided on these projects